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From Chuck Frank
Sierra Club member since 1976 from Illinois and currently a member of the Sierra Club National Board. 12 years on SC Foundation Board. Married 33 years and father of 4 grown children, a wonderful grandson and three terrific golden retrievers.
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Welcome to Frankly Talking with Chuck Frank

l periodically feature and discuss new articles about climate change, our changing economy and energy landscape, my travels and much more. Feel free to share, interact, and comment.

General News

This is a combination of all posts on my site. Featuring topics such as Climate change, Fossil Fuels, Green Energy Development, our changing economy, and more.

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Wilderness 50

A series of articles designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act signed by President Johnson in 1964 and some of the spectacular landscapes protected by this landmark piece of legislation.
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Articles documenting what China and India are doing to recognize the dangers of fossil fuels and begin to transition away from them...despite skepticism that they can make the transition in time for the world to avoid climate disaster.
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After a life in the auto business having first becoming a car dealer (Chevrolet) at age 27 in 1982, I have a special interest and insight into transportation issues especially as they relate to the climate. I have a separate newsletter for this for which you can sign up or check out here.
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Sierra Club News

For those interested in what is going on at the Sierra Club I occasionally publish a separate newsletter covering these issues. This includes my summary of the quarterly face to face Board Meetings.

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Climate Science

The scientific data relating to a warming climate continues to accumulate as does the implications of a warming climate. Check it out here.

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Fossil Fuels

News and information about the dangers of extracting and burning fossil fuels for energy and our need to transition to a green energy future.

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The transition to a green energy future is having and will continue to have a significant impact on our businesses and economics. This group of articles showcases what is happening and may be coming in the future.
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My Travels

I have been paddling, hiking, back country skiing, rock and ice climbing, biking and otherwise exploring the planet for many decades. Here's a sampling of fabolous places I've had the privilege to visit and am passionate to protect.
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Recent News


Today is World Toilet Day. For Real!!

I received this this morning and thought I’d simply pass it on to you.  It speaks for itself and really...

Today is a Big Day for The Environment

Recently, I’ve been writing quite a bit about the financial risk climate change presents to the capital...