“A republic, if you can keep it.”

–Benjamin Franklin’s response to Elizabeth Willing Powel’s question: “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”

Being that this is Memorial Day weekend, I want to take a moment to reflect on this and recognize how fortunate we are that for almost 250 years Americans, and immigrants that were not American citizens, were willing to fight and die so that we can be here and free today. We can never repay them for their sacrifice other than for ourselves fight for our freedom and for democracy. Because of this freedom we are able to fight to protect the planet from climate disaster and are able to do and say so much more. I fear that these freedoms are at risk due to the potential outcome of the election this November and we must bear this in mind when WE go to the polls this fall and we must work to get others to the polls as well. Otherwise, as Benjamin Franklin warned, we might not be able to keep our freedoms.

In the last couple of weeks there has been a variety of unrelated articles about automotive technology developments that will harken on the transition to an all electric vehicle fleet by overcoming the barriers. And the shift to renewable energy continues unabated and is showing strong signs of acceleration. There’s developments on the legal front with climate cases. And of course, the extreme weather events are too numerous to delineate…but I’ll give you a flavor.

So, here goes.

From Techspot


Battery Costs Have Plummeted by 90% in Less than 15 Years, Turbocharging Renewable Energy Shift

Predicting a sixfold increase in global energy storage capacity by 2030

April 29, 2024

From E&E News


Maryland Battery Plant Tries to Upend Rivals — and Lithium-Ion

The factory will make batteries for the Pentagon. It plans to expand into EVs, phones and the grid.


From The Automotive News


Get Efficiency Boost from New Heat Pump Technology

Engineers are improving EV efficiency by scavenging more heat from EV components and feeding it to the heat pump

April 17, 2024

From E&E News


California Grid Sets Solar Power Record

In recent months, renewable energy has fully powered the state’s main grid for at least 15 minutes nearly every day.


From E&E News


Judge Tosses Youth Climate Case Against EPA

The order follows another court’s dismissal last week of the landmark Juliana climate lawsuit


From E&E News


Montana Supreme Court books Date for Youth Climate Showdown

State officials are fighting a landmark victory for young environmental activists.


From E&E News and the Associated Press


From Floods in Brazil and Houston to Heat Wave in Asia, Extreme Weather Seems Everywhere

In a world growing increasingly accustomed to wild weather swings, the last few days and weeks have seemingly taken those environmental extremes to a new level.


From E&E News and Bloomberg


Drought to Deluge: East Africa Bears Brunt of Climate Change

Even after this year’s flooding abates, East Africans will continue to feel the effects through higher food prices. Wide swathes of croplands have been destroyed and livestock killed, according to the FAO


From Medium


Can 2024 Be Even Hotter Than 2023 After Record-Warm Start?

May 2, 2024

From E&E News and Associated Press


Students Told to Stay Home as Heat Wave Smothers Philippines

Urgent health warnings spread throughout the region. Cambodia this year is facing the highest temperatures in 170 years


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