What is Buckle Up?

While I know that there are still some climate change deniers and/or skeptics on this list and in the country, the vast majority of the population now believes that the climate is changing and that our human activities of burning and mining fossil fuels is the main cause along that other human activities that are exacerbating the problem.  Due in great part to the work the Sierra Club has done to pass legislation and regulations and then insure their implementation the coal industry is on its last legs and heading for extinction in the US.  These are both issues that I have written about extensively over the last almost two decades.

And now that the country is beginning to transition to cleaner forms of energy and a more sustainable world I too am going to transition my emails as well to focus more on how we are moving beyond debate to implementation.

More and more people are personally beginning to actually feel the affects of a changing climate or they know someone that has.  The changing climate is here now.  And so are some of the solutions.  Clean energy is not some mythical silver bullet that is in our future.  It is here now and is currently competing head to head with fossil fuels and coming out to be the better ECONOMIC solution for the power companies and their customers.  More on this to come.  And while the politicians in DC continue to argue and stall, hostages to the Koch Brothers’ money and the Tea Party it supports, the business community is moving on.

The following will be first of the articles I will be sending documenting this transition.  Personally coming from a career in the automotive business I plan to label these article as “Buckle Up”.  I love feedback so please feel free to comment.  And soon I hope to be able to provide a format where an online discussion on these messages can occur.

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