Ballot Statement


RESIDENCE: Highland Park, Illinois
OCCUPATION: Business Owner, Investor, Entrepreneur
SIERRA CLUB LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: National Board Director (2013— ), VP/Chair of Visibility/Outreach Committee (2015– ) Business Partnership Committee (2010— ).  National Advisory Council (1996— ). Board Liaison to Hawaii and Illinois (2014– ). Woods/Wetlands Group Political Committee (2012– ).
LEADERSHIP POSITIONS WITH OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS:  The Sierra Club Foundation Board (1998–2012): VP, Secretary, Executive Committee and chair of four committees.
STATEMENT: Wisconsin woods and rivers, Lake Michigan, and the Idaho Sawtooths created my environmental ethic early in my soul. Now I am leveraging my leadership skills and extensive networks from a career in business and two decades of environmental activism to preserve the natural systems of our Planet Earth, combat Climate Change and fight for environmental justice. While at NYC People’s Climate March I had a epiphany that we’d reached a pivotal moment in our movement when “It takes everyone to change everything” really came together.
My Priorities:
– Elect environmental majorities in national and local governments that will initiate and defend laws, regulations and incentives leading to a sustainable future consisting of a carbon/nuclear free energy sector by 2030, oil free transportation and transportation options less dependent on an auto-centric society with more mass transit and transportation oriented development.
– Continue building the Movement to break the power of fossil fuel interests to dictate our national priorities and foreign policy.
– Raise more unrestricted funds, our lifeblood, to provide increased funding and services to all volunteer entities.
– Partner with Chapters and Outings Program to strengthen grass roots support and strength and build our capacity to reach out to a larger more diverse population to educate the public and promote our message and demand progress.
– Add millions more acres of wilderness protection.
• For 20 years I have worked with volunteers and staff at all levels of the Club on: Coal Campaign, Fracking, Clean Energy, Fuel Economy, Wildlands, Clean Air and Water, Transportation, CAFO’s, ICO, Military Outdoors, Environmental Justice.
• Testified at EPA & DOT hearings, in Congress and the White House.
• Participant in 15+ National Outings, mostly backpacking.
• Major donor and fundraiser.
• Business, communication and leadership skills and experience.
• Endorsements:
Major Accomplishments:
• Created the national model for volunteer major gift fundraising increasing Midwestmajor gifts 10x.
• Founded the Illinois Air Quality Campaign, helping launch the Coal Campaign.
• Assisted in shutting hospital incinerators in Illinois.
• Worked closely with the Club on increasing CAFE standards. Connected the Club andworked directly with Senator Dick Durbin who led on this issue.
• Authored and assisted in completely implementing the long range plan for the Sierra Club Foundation in 1998.
CONTACT: or 312-613-2204

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