Sierra Club 2016 Election Endoresements

As an elected officer for the past 6 years for the Illinois Chapter, I have been thrilled to have the input and guidance of Chuck Frank from the National Board of Directors.  He has attended Ex-Com meetings, rallies, fund raisers and supported us on a number of issues. He has paddled with us and met to lobby elected officials.  Chuck is accessible to local groups and Chapters as an adviser and cheer leader.  His experience on various board of directors offers council and direction for successful working relationships.  I whole heartedly endorse Chuck Frank for the National Sierra Club Board of Directors.
Connie Schmidt – Chair – River Prairie Group – Vice Chair – Illinois Chapter

Chuck Frank, Sierra Club Board of Director from IL, first elected in 2013 should definitely be reelected in the 2016 cycle. Chuck has shown consistent leadership based on his private career in the business sector. But he has also shown leadership based on his experience in the environmental and outdoor arenas.  Chuck has also taken seriously the charge from the BOD to act as liaison to various Chapters. He is consistently available to volunteers and staff.  This liaison is important because so many volunteers feel a disconnect from the Club’s leadership.  The IL Chapter appreciates his attendance and participation in Chapter meetings.   Chuck is also a strong supporter and donor to our long standing Water Sentinels program.  The Club needs Chuck Frank in a continued leadership role.
Fran Caffee Water Sentinels Co-Lead – Aurora IL  – Member since 1988

The Sierra Club is well served having Chuck on the Board of Directors. His commitment to our grassroots, his understanding of how campaigns work and win and his leadership skills are just three of the great qualities he brings to the table. I endorse Chuck.
Verena Owen – Beyond Coal Campaign Volunteer Co-Lead

I know Chuck to be a tireless supporter of the Sierra Club’s crucial work on climate change and also of its vital work to protect wild places and species.  He also clearly sees the essential role of grassroots leadership and activism in sustaining the organizational culture that enables the Sierra Club to succeed.  He sees the source of our power and wants it applied to the right causes.
 Clayton Daughenbaugh – Volunteer Lead Activist Network

I served 13 years on the SC BOD and 21 on the SCF Board. I was the Club President from 1980-82. Reagan was President most of that time and he appointed James Watt as Secretary of Interior. Watt declared war on the Environment. We collected 1.1 million signatures on a petition to ask Reagan to fire him. That was before the day of petitions collected on the internet so we collected those signatures from individuals who physically signed the petition. We presented the petitions to the Senate and House leaders on the steps of the Capitol.
My personal priorities have always been Wilderness, National Parks and Public Lands. I am still active on that here in California. I hope that is enough. I always have members who ask for advice about who to vote for. You will always be at the top of my list. Thanks for all you do Chuck. Keep up the good work.

Joe Fontaine – Past Sierra Club President – Past Member of Sierra Club Foundation BOD

I am offering an enthusiastic endorsement for Chuck Frank’s re-election to the Board of the Sierra Club.  Chuck has offered years of outstanding service to the Club in so many leadership roles including membership on the Board of the Sierra Club Foundation and participation in a host of arenas ranging from policy development to fundraising.  He is wise, insightful, upbeat, even-handed, and he lives the Sierra Club’s mission to explore, enjoy, and protect our planet.
Jackie Brown – Retired Sierra Club Advancement Director

Chicago ICO would like to extend it’s endorsement to re-elect Chuck Frank to the Sierra Club board. Chuck has been an active and dedicated member of the Sierra Club for many years, enthusiastically helping to support it’s mission and programs. He is a valuable member of the team and we feel he should retain his position so that he may further aid Sierra Club in spreading it’s message. In addition, Chuck has also been a longtime proponent for Chicago Inspiring Connections Outdoors, a valuable Sierra Club program that strives to bring under served youth outdoors. Chicago ICO continues to appreciate his support and commitment, and with his help we are able to bring more kids outdoors every year.
Chris Grenier – Chair Sierra Club Chicago Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO)

Here are some of the many reasons I support your candidacy:

  • Chuck has a breadth of Sierra Club and environmental experiences and interests that make him a terrifically valuable leader. He is a “big tent” person who supports activism at all levels.
  • Chuck has been an important bridge from the grassroots to the board, keeping us informed of the issues and actions the board has been considering, and always giving us his opinions on the big issues. He’s a stand-up guy whose actions support activists.
  • Chuck does a great job of seeing the really big picture on climate change and other issues while also being interested in the details of local actions and issues. He’s just what you want in a Sierra Club director – engaged, passionate, thoughtful, and big-hearted.

Alex Levinson – Executive Director – Pacific Environment

Count me in, Chuck.  I appreciate the work you do with the emails you send out.  And, it looks as though we are finally starting to see a real sea change on carbon and clean energy, and, to think, you started the whole thing off with the coal campaign.  Good luck.
Bob Heil – Former President Sierra Club Foundation

Chuck was an early supporter of the Club’s coal campaign, which started in Illinois trying to stop new coal plants from being built years ago. the campaign has now morphed in to a wildly successful national effort not only aimed at preventing new coal emission and the damage they would do, but which also works to close existing dirty plants and replace what they provided though energy efficiency and clean renewable power – green job growth areas. He helped get this off the ground in the early days when it looked like a sisyphean task. As an auto dealer, he also spoke out strongly IN SUPPORT of tighter tailpipe standards to prevent smog-forming and global warming emissions, taking his call the the highest levels in D.C. Far thinking, prudent and principled, Chuck would be a great addition to the national board.
Brian Urbaszewski – Director of Environmental Health Program – Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago

During the long years when the idea that the American auto industry would ever embrace fuel efficiency seemed hopelessly naive, Chuck, a Chevy dealer and Sierra Club outdoor enthusiast and activist leader, held high the banner of innovation and leadership. As much as any other single person he kept the faith that led to President Obama’s incredible breakthrough on emissions and efficiency performance by American cars. Whenever we needed him Chuck was there, and it would be a wonderful moment to have him on the Board.
Carl Pope – Former Executive Director Sierra Club

Chuck Frank has my endorsement. I’ve worked with him for years on Green Transportation. He’s been willing to advise and go to bat for us on these issues. He’s also been an effective advisor and liaison on nuclear free issues. I find him to be a wise leader who gets things done and who has gained my trust.
Steven Sondheim – Sierra Club Climate Recovery Transportation Committee Co-Chair

Chuck is one of the strongest advocates for the environment that I know.  He is passionate, strategic, political and effective.  He has a broad range of interests, yet targets specific issues for attention and uses his strong communication skills to raise awareness for each.  Chuck’s knowledge of the business community has had important impact as he has led efforts for changes in corporate behavior.  He is involved with numerous other environmental organizations, including The Wilderness Society and has worked hard to create synergy among various organizations’ goals and actions.  It is unusual to find someone with Chuck’s broad interests and effective advocacy on issues as diverse as wilderness and CAFE standards.
As a person with over 40 years of involvement with the Sierra Club (group and chapter leader, staff and partner), it is my pleasure to endorse Chuck Frank for the Sierra Club’s Board of Directors.
Bill Meadows – Retired President Wilderness Society

Chuck has joined a dozen of our week-long national outings, including several trips I’ve led. On these adventures he displays an affection for wild places and wildlife with the same enthusiasm he has for all his responsibilities with the Club. He’s a great supporter of our grassroots volunteers and brings his experience as a business person to the Board.
Roger Grissette – Former Volunteer Chair of National Outings and current Committee Member

Chuck Frank has led the way in enabling the Club to find a winning strategy to rollback the use of coal.  Let’s keep it up and re-elect him.”
Mike McCloskey – Former Sierra Club Executive Director – Former Sierra Club Chairman of the Board – Former Sierra Club Foundation Member

I’d be honored to endorse you, Chuck, especially for your leadership in clean transportation and electric vehicles!
Darrell Clark – Beyond Oil Co-Lead

Chuck:  Good luck in the election for the Sierra Club Board of Directors. It will be my pleasure to endorse your candidacy.
 John Spahr – Volunteer Co-lead Our Wild America – Immediate Past Chair of the Council of Club Leaders

Of course, I’ll endorse you again.
John Holtzclaw – Volunteer Lead on the Green Transportation Campaign


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