We’re cooked…literally.  Click on this link to read the USA Today article, Global Warming: Atmosphere to Warm By at Least Another 2 Degrees.

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Here are some highlights…


“A scientific study released Monday said that the Earth’s atmosphere will warm by at least another 2 degrees C (3.8 degrees F) — regardless of what we do in the future to limit greenhouse gas emissions.”


“There’s only a 5% chance that Earth will warm 2 degrees or less by the end of this century, the study said. It shows a mere 1% chance that warming could be at or below 1.5 degrees, which was the target set by the landmark 2016 Paris Agreement.”


“We’re closer to the margin than we think.” 


“even if humans could instantly turn off all emissions of greenhouse gases — which will of course not happen — Earth would continue to heat up about 1.3 degrees C by 2100.”

While scary and disheartening, there are still many actions to mitigate our emissions and avoid the worst consequences of a warming climate. But there’s not much time left to accomplish this.  While the predicted  impacts are occurring faster than predicted the positive news is that the solutions are also being developed and put into practice much faster than thought possible as well.

It’s worthwhile taking a look at the photos below.  First of all, they are spectacular and heartwarming.  They are also a striking reminder of what’s at stake and force us to recognize that humans and society are not going to be the only ones to suffer. This fabulous wildlife may possibly become extinct as these animals’ habitat is destroyed.  

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