Let’s get one thing straight. Much of the news media is spinning EV sales in a way that is a misconception. They are trying to say that EV sales are faltering. That is NOT accurate. They have seized upon the fact that the days supply of Electric Vehicles on dealers’ lots has risen. True. But so has the days supply of ICEs (Internal Combustion Engine) also. They say that sales of EVs is sputtering. NOT TRUE. What IS happening is that after years of short supplies of all light duty cars and trucks, production of these vehicles is not only catching up with demand but actually outstripping it.

Tesla production is generally up and the number of alternative EVs from other manufacturers is continuing to grow. So here’s what is actually happening as reported by Bloomberg News Hyperdrive Newsletter…


“EVs are headed for over 14 million sales this year. That’s up 35% over last year’s total — yet another record for the industry.”
“China is driving the increase. The nation is firmly in the mass-market phase of adoption, with battery-powered vehicles making up 38% and 32% of passenger-car sales in August and September, respectively.”
“While US sales …crossed the 1-million mark for the first time this year and are on pace to climb more than 40% from 2022 levels.”
“On the battery front, early indications are that battery prices in 2023 will resume their decades-long decline after inching higher last year. Lithium and other battery metal prices have tanked, giving manufacturers more room for maneuver. Importantly, there’s real progress being made on commercializing new chemistries at both the high end of the market – solid state batteries – and the low end in the form of sodium-ion batteries.”


EVs in the US are also becoming an increasingly politicized topic. The vast majority of sales so far have been in blue states, and there’s evidence that this correlation between EV buying and voting patterns may be getting stronger over time.

There are still several reasons that many people have not switched from their ICE vehicle to an EV. First is the sales price which can be higher than a comparable ICE alternative. But when considering the full cost of ownership taking into consideration gas vs. electrons and repairs and maintenance, the costs are pretty comparable. Availability of charging is a concern especially if you don’t live in a single family home with your own garage. But charging stations are becoming more available. Range and charging times still concern many. These too are improving. 500+ range and charging up to 80% in under 20 minutes or so will be the norm in the not too distant future.

So it’s too early to count out EVs worldwide or in the US. The transition will continue unabated and accelerate. I’ve always said that the growth will not be linear. There will be ups and downs. But EVs will continue their inevitable rise to dominance. And once ICE vehicles fall below the point where the manufacturers can make money on them, they will disappear and the only alternative will be an EV. That day is coming.

And changing the subject, here’s some horrifying news about what is also coming.

Lethal heat is spreading across the planet


CLIMATEWIRE | Deadly heat is expanding across the hottest parts of the world. And with just another degree or so of global warming, large swaths of the planet — including every continent except Antarctica — will at least occasionally face conditions that test the limits of human survival.

That’s the warning from a new study out Friday in the journal Science Advances, on the growing dangers of life-threatening heat. And these lethal thresholds are approaching even faster than previous research has suggested, the study adds.

That’s because scientists typically have focused on the human body’s absolute upper limit when it comes to heat.

It’s a threshold that assumes a healthy person already has taken every possible measure to adapt to the heat short of air conditioning or artificial cooling: They’re already accustomed to a hot climate, they’re drinking plenty of water, they’re seeking out shade, they’re wearing appropriate clothing, and they’re otherwise doing everything they can to survive.

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