The onslaught of fully electric cars that are competitively priced, get over 200 miles on a full charge and drive better and have more features than their ICE (internal combustion engine) counterparts continues to gain steam (another outdated form of power).  You probably recall that I own and drive a Chevy Volt and Debbie has a Tesla S.  And now, the Chevy Bolt is on sale in select markets around the country as it begins to roll out nationally.  Looks like I’ll be able to trade in my Volt for a Bolt in June or July here in Chicago.  

Two of my kids have Tesla Model 3’s on order.  They probably won’t get them until 2018 at the earliest.  Thus I get asked occasionally about the comparison of the Tesla 3 and the Bolt.  And I can not give an accurate  answer since they are really two different beasts except to say that, as I previously blogged, the Bolt won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award this year.  But now, to my big surprise, Motor Trend did a comparison of the Bolt with the Model S!!  While they acknowledge the disparity, it is a surprisingly interesting article with tons of data on the Bolt.

Here’s the link to the article:

I encourage you to take a look.  

In other related news, take check out this article entitled: 2016 Electric Vehicle Sales Soar: Jumping 80% Over Previous December and 37% Over 2015

Skeptics will say, “yea, but it’s still a really, really small percent of total vehicle sales and not significant.”  While the % is still small, it is growing and growing faster and faster.  And the manufacturers are mostly recognizing that this is their future and thus committing huge sums of cash to development of EV’s.  

The tide is turning and the momentum has to start somewhere.  And it is continuing to grow unabated…even despite low gas prices.  

Change is coming fast.  Better buckle up!!


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