“India last week was in the grip of its worst heat wave… The capital, Delhi, reached a daily record of 118 degrees Fahrenheit, or 48 degrees Celsius, on June 10.”

“San Francisco peaked at 100 degrees Fahrenheit on June 12, also a daily record”

“Even Helsinki, Finland, way up north on the Baltic Sea, practically turned into an outdoor sauna when the daily high peaked at 84 degrees Fahrenheit on June 6.”

“Sweden and Norway had an unseasonable spate of wildfires in April because of an unusually hot and dry spring. And firefighters in California are bracing for a bad wildfire season, a year after the state’s most disastrous ever.”

“Heat waves in the Arctic are having another knock-on effect. The ice is thawing — both the vast, mile-thick Greenland ice sheet and sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.”

“The Greenland ice sheet had a record-setting day on June 12 when melting was seen on more than 45 percent of its surface — about 275,000 square miles. This was the earliest extensive melt “pulse” in four decades of satellite-based measurements.”

“Some South Asian cities could become uninhabitable if heat and humidity levels continue to rise at their current pace, one recent analysis found.”

“the heat waves are consistent with the overall trend of accelerating global warming”


Need I say more???  



The New York Times
The Heat Hits Early, and Hard

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