Just as technology that will accelerate the transition to a carbon emissions free future is developing more rapidly than most experts could imagine even five years ago it turns out that we are shooting at a moving target.  We need to develop and adopt solutions much more quickly than thought necessary because our planet’s climate is deteriorating materially more rapidly than we conceived.  This is becoming increasingly obvious.  The signs are everywhere and undeniable (although some try to).

Up till now, there was some reason to believe that Antarctica was not experiencing the same degree of warming as other parts of the globe especially the Arctic.  Well, that may not now be the case.  And a melting Antarctic will most likely impact our society significantly more than Arctic melting will.  That’s because ice on the top of the planet is floating and won’t have much impact on raising sea levels just as ice in your drink doesn’t raise the fluid level in your glass when it melts.  But ice in the Antarctic is mostly on land and when it melts it DOES raise sea levels.   And, there is an enormous amount of ice in Antartica and Greenland.  And in both places it’s melting much faster than was thought just a couple of years ago.  


“The north-west sector of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, which in total is roughly the size of France, is melting far faster than scientists previously thought”


“Scientists have discovered that ocean water warmed by the sun is melting part of the world’s largest ice shelf 10 times faster than the overall average.”


“Smaller ice shelves floating in warmer ocean water are melting 100-200 times faster than large shelves, said the BAS.”


While melting ice shelves won’t raise sea levels it will impact ocean salinity which in turn will have other severe impacts. Furthermore, as the ocean warms this will create a feedback loop that will further speed up melting.  BIG, BIG trouble even if it’s not right in your own back yard.  The freight train is coming right at us faster and faster and the consequences are enormous and in fact ARE already effecting us all every day.  More on that to come.  

World’s Largest Ice Shelf Melting 10 Times Faster Than the Average

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