Still not convinced that the climate is getting warmer and that the outcomes will be no big deal? Well, Australia is now suffering unheard of heat and the following article describes an outcome of climate change that is truly frightening.  What the “alarmists” have been predicting is not occurring at some vague time in the future but RIGHT NOW and in a horrifying way.  The consequences of oppressive heat are scary and there are some which I hadn’t contemplated before. As the article points out, humans (at least some of us) can go inside in air conditioning.  But for humans and animals that aren’t they are risking death.  While this is occurring NOW in Australia where it will only get worse, this weather is going to spread to many more places around the globe. Change needs to speed up substantially and immediately if we are to avoid an outcome that is unimaginable…

Records fell throughout Australia as the country experienced the hottest ten days in a row on record. One town, Noona, had the warmest overnight temperature in Australian history. Agriculture and livestock are suffering from the heat where stone fruit is burning from the inside out and drought widespread. Roads are melting too.

“Australia is in the midst of a scorching heat wave this week that has set all-time temperature records in what has been four of its most sweltering days in history.”

“Temperatures have reached 21.6 F degrees higher than average as a heat wave spread across the continent.  The unbearable heat will be plaguing Australia for at least several more days warns the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.”

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