It is easy to look out the window and think that climate change is just a theory that is not happening because everything seems kinda the same where I live.  And hey, what about that polar vortex last winter with -23 degree temperatures.  But increasingly, more and more people are looking out the window and seeing something drastically different.  And sooner or later we all will.

Actually, it appears to me that there is a “sea change” (pun intended) occurring.  So many people around the world and our country ARE seeing something different and scary outside where they live that the sense of urgency is dramatically shifting as it is becoming obvious to even the uninformed that something drastic is going on.  

And ground zero is Alaska.  People there are getting it.  Because they can’t ignore or avoid the obvious.  


“Since the beginning of the month, Alaska has seen 55 tied or broken record daily highs through March 23.”

“Until this week, the city had never had consecutive days in March when temperatures stayed above freezing. On Monday and Tuesday mornings, the temps didn’t dip below 34 F….“the earliest date for back-to-back above freezing low temperatures was April 15-16, 1978.””

“Kotzebue, north of the Arctic Circle, set or tied the daily record high every day this week as of Thursday..The town also set or tied a record-high minimum temperature nine times this month.”

“March will be the 29th month since January 2013 to rank in the warmest 10% since 1925, while only one month — April 2013 — in this time period is in the coldest 10%.”


What do you think?  Quite honestly, all that has been predicted IS happening and much faster than conventional wisdom would have had you believe.  Marginal change to stop runaway warming will not work anymore.  We MUST do much, much more and NOW.  

The one encouraging thing is that I am beginning to see leaders in government and industry realizing the seriousness of this and starting to plan significant changes.  More on that later.  

Alaska hit 70 degrees the earliest ever, and more record highs are expected

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