Over the past decade or so, I have been somewhat engaged at my alma mater, The University of Chicago, with their EPIC (Energy Policy Institute Chicago) program. I had been told of a new tool that was being developed that would be able to model future climate impacts on a very localized basis.  The initial product from this endeavor is now public with the results reported below.

I also just read an article about the perceived differences between urban and rural voters.  It was interesting to note that on the surface there wasn’t much difference in what one would think.  Income and employment levels were similar as were use of opioids.  The major difference was cultural.  In rural areas there is much less exposure to diversity so attitudes about immigration are significantly different. If you’re interested in the full article you can click here to read it.  It is very informative.

The point I want to make is that people often don’t vote in their best interest.  Thus, the title of this post: Ironic Southern Strategy.  As can be seen by any red/blue map of the states, the South is solidly red Republican.  And Republicans are the least likely to believe in climate change or its potential impact on them.

It is quite ironic, therefore, that the people that put the Climate Denier in Chief, Donald Trump, in the White House are exactly the folks in this country that will suffer the most from a hotter climate and more turbulent weather.


Climate Change Could Hurt the South More than New England



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