At our last Sierra Club Board Meeting in November we voted unequivocally to oppose hydraulic fracturing commonly known as fracking.  I enthusiastically support this position and policy.

My personal opinion is that we are not going to realistically be able to stop all fracking in the U.S. tomorrow.  But the sooner the better.  Before we destroy our water tables, poison ourselves and invest in dead end technologies we must convert to renewable energy production.  I am supporting any efforts that the Club can execute that will:

  • Slow or stop the drilling of any new wells either for natural gas or oil.

  • Insure that regulations are created and enforced to require full disclosure of any and all the ingredients of the fluids used in the process and eliminates the leaking of methane at the wellhead.

  • Support our Chapters, Groups and Grassroots organizers to oppose fracking in their own backyards, literally.  

  • Redirects capital to renewable forms of energy.

  • Eliminates drilling on any public lands.

Mike Burne, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, has written an excellent article about this complete with a link to a short video that will educate you on the basics of this horribly destructive technique of fossil fuel extraction.  

Please Click HERE to see it.

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