As you can see from the photo above, I marched in the Peoples Climate March yesterday in Chicago with 5000 others.  It was wet and cold but who cares when the fate of science and our planet are at stake.  

I know that most of those that read my blog agree with me that Climate Change is real and poses an existential threat to our civilization and society.  Nevertheless, I have a few friends that disagree.  I also have friends that simply don’t pay attention to what is happening to our planet and/or what is being done by the current Administration to not only dismantle any government intervention to combat climate change but in the process are also annihilating every other program to protect our air, water and lands. 

In my recent posts I’ve tried to give you a few glimpses of what is being done to destroy all the laws and regulations that have been established since the first Earth Day in 1970 by both Republican and Democratic Presidents and Congresses.  When looked at in its entirety, which is actually impossible since the assault is so huge and widespread, it is breathtaking in its scope and breadth.  

To give you a small taste of the enormity of what has happened in a short 100 days of devastation, I have included the Executive Director of Sierra Club, Mike Brune’s, blog below with a myriad of highlights (or better said, lowlights).  It speaks for itself.

I hope that regardless of how you feel about the climate you are appalled by the rest of this agenda and let your elected representatives know.  

But don’t lose faith.  Not only do we have the power to resist this but understand that below the Federal level the real action will be at the local level.  And more and more communities and even corporations are already committing themselves to achieving a zero carbon future. 


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