As I’ve said repeatedly, it’s business that will change the climate dynamic and drive progress.  We certainly can’t depend on a Republican controlled Congress that is subservient to the fossil fuel industry to lead us forward.  But thankfully there are some CEO’s that care about their descendants’  future.  And, in this case, the supply of raw materials that the company needs to succeed.   

General Mills pledges to slash emissions, spend $100M on clean energy

 Tuesday, September 8, 2015

General Mills, the Minnesota-based food giant, is planning to boost clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its supply network by 28 percent. The company, whose portfolio includes popular consumer brands like Cheerios and Yoplait, said recently it would also spend close to $100 million on energy efficiency and clean energy initiatives.

“For 150 years, General Mills has served the world by making food people love. Our aim is to be around for another 150 years,” Ken Powell, chairman and CEO, said in a press release. “We recognize that we must do our part to protect and conserve natural resources. Our business depends on it, and so does the planet.”
Excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have been linked to global warming and disruptions in weather patterns across the world, with some regions experiencing droughts while others deal with flooding.
A changing climate has implications for agricultural productivity, scientists say. Some declines in crop yields have been associated with rising temperatures, according to Jason Funk, a senior climate scientist at the Union for Concerned Scientists.

“While it may not be our fault, it’s our problem,” John Church, General Mills’ executive vice president of global supply chain, said in an interview. “The facts are there. Climate change is real. The part that may be different is that we as a branded manufacturing company are taking responsibility for the entirety of the value chain as opposed [to] just the portion that’s in our control” (Jonathan Berr, CBS MoneyWatch, Sept. 3). — MVY

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