For many years now I’ve been driving electric probably over 90% of the time.  I’ve had my Chevy Volt for over 5 years and in that, I use electric mode for around 80% of my miles.  For two and a half years Debbie has been driving a Tesla S which, of course, is 100% electric.  Combined we’re probably over 90% electric.  In the Tesla we’ve never come close to running out of power even having driven to Wisconsin a few times. (And with the Tesla you can drive coast to coast with short stops to charge up at their Super Charger locations.) 

Over the years, people who we know that have purchased or leased new vehicles feel like they have to apologize to us for not buying an EV.  Too much money, not enough range, can’t match the performance.  Well, like Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan says, “the times they are a changin.”  The excuses for NOT making your next new car an EV are pealing away like petals from a dying rose.  

Sure, charging can be a challenge still if you park on the street or live in a high rise.  But that problem will melt away like a spring snow storm in Chicago (it’s snowing here now as I write) as the demand for more charging options grows and technology continues to faster develop charging and ubiquitous availability.

So now, finally, the biggest wait is over.  The new Chevy Bolt is being delivered in select markets around the country NOW. I expect to get mine this spring here in Chicago when I’ll trade in my Volt for one. Rather than me singing its praises about being priced (with rebates) less than the average price for a new car and the fact that it goes over 238 miles on a full charge and outperforms its competition, let me just refer you to the Motor Trend article naming the Bolt the 2017 Car of The Year.


Come on.  What’s your excuse now?  Or do you like spending your time at a gas station standing out in the rain, snow, cold or heat.  Or you like emitting CO2 into the atmosphere and warming up the planet?  Or you think sending your money to foreign countries or companies that do not have your best interests at heart is a great idea?  Or…. well, you get the picture.  


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