The last couple of messages weren’t particularly encouraging.  This one brings a better message:  The message is getting through.  

The message is that climate change is REAL, something to be concerned about and will have a personal impact.  


“Nearly three-quarters of respondents also said they were worried about the current global climate, with 34 percent saying they were “very” worried.”


“Seven in 10 Americans believe they’ll have to change where they live at some point in their lives due to climate change, according to new research.”


The greatest concern was water scarcity and purity.  Not having an adequate supply of clean water for all kinds of uses is unquestionably scary and climate change, a warmer atmosphere, is certainly a critical factor.  Read the article if you care to see all the other specific concerns.


“Water scarcity seems to be a concern across the country, as 69 percent of respondents were in agreement that water scarcity is a major environmental concern of theirs.”


While we need to get even more people to share the concern and imperative to do something about the climate, education and personal experience must come first.  Maybe we’re getting to the tipping point when trying to get elected to any office regardless of party affiliation is a no starter if you fail to support strong climate action in every way possible.  The current crisis makes clear that if the American public is concerned enough about a pending nightmare there is a willingness to pull out all the stops to get it resolved immediately.  

Educating and inciting the public to demand action isn’t yet where it needs to be.  But…the message appears to be getting through more and more.  It’s time to advocate even harder and VOTE for climate champions.  

New York Post

How Americans Really  Feel About Climate Change

April 21, 2020

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