After a couple of weeks of posting current headlines about what is happening around the country and globe relating to climate change, I was thinking that this week I’d tackle just one topic, one article, and get into it in more depth.  But as I reviewed the articles that I had read and saved for this publication I was once again left breathless by the breadth and number of items that hit the public media just his week.  It is astounding, really mind boggling, how fast, and increasingly so, the urgency and call for speed and drastic action from multiple influential sources is occurring.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss an incredible amount of fast breaking news.  

Pressure is growing and becoming exponentially greater on government and private institutions to take dramatic action to mitigate the increasingly obvious physical aspects of climate change and and what already is and increasingly will be its devastating financial impact (and opportunity as well).

I’ve always believed and predicted here that there was a tipping point coming and when it hit it would be dramatic.  It certainly appears that we are finally at the beginning of it now.  I’ve also always believed that the biggest driving factor of meteoric and historic change would be social change and pressure.  Once public perception and pressure changed everything else will follow at supersonic speed.  

So buckle up as I simply reveal this week’s headlines.  If you care to read the whole article Goggle it and if you have trouble finding it let me know and I’ll get it to you.  



Governors to Biden: Stop Sales of Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

A bipartisan group of governors 12 governors today urged the Biden administration to hasten the transition to electric vehicles by phasing out new sales of gas- and diesel-powered cars and light trucks by 2035.


Ad Agencies Step Away From Oil and Gas in Echo of Cigarette Exodus

March 25, 2021


Banks Face Growing Pressure to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Lending


Students Target Law Firm Over Fossil Fuel Work


U.S. Insurers Face More Pressure, Scrutiny on Role in Climate Change

March 1, 2021


Climate Change Could Cut World Economy by $23 Trillion in 2050, Insurance Giant (Swiss Re) Warns

April 22, 2021



The Financial Industry’s Broadest Effort in History on Climate Change

The Finance Sector Links Arms on Climate

April 21, 2021



BMW Joins Volkswagen in Race for Next-Level Batteries


Mississippi Power Plans to Shutter Coal, Gas Plants




Spring Wildflower Bloom Absent This Year









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